Mira & Adam
Mira & Adam - Ain't Got Money - official video
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Official music video for our single "Ain't Got Money" --- When we wrote "Ain't got Money" we were in Hamburg for the first time and we planned to stay 3 days and ended up staying 3 Weeks... After the second week we were broke, so we started playing on the streets for the first time and wrote this song. We felt so incredible free and happy. We felt ALIVE. oh and by now we moved here haha. Ain't got money - is a Roadtrip Song - A song to sing when you feel like you could dance in the rain - or just to have a carefree moment. So come and be a part of our World. We ain't got money, but it's not like we care - We are living on LOVE and AIR. ---- BOOKING & MGMT: ITUNES: GOOGLE: AMAZON: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: LYRICS :