Seeking Raven
Seeking Raven - The High Art Of Flying (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)
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Official Lyric Video for Seeking Raven's "The High Art Of Flying" (From the debut album "The Ending Collage" which is coming up in 2015). Words & Music by János Krusenbaum Music Video by Philipp F. Schlüter (Medienlabor Düsseldorf) About the song: "Everyone is searching for a way to escape. But could escaping be a bad desire? Could it be dangerous, even fatal? You can choose to fly if you dare but you may burn your wings and fall. Maybe you’re using the wrong tools to achieve an easy way out, maybe those tools are indeed dangerous. And when you’re returning to the ground again, you’ll notice that you’ve grown old and missed out on a life that may not have been perfect but would have been all yours – with only you choosing the paths to follow."