Sharine O'Neill
Sharine O'Neill Watching/Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo
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„Watching" - "Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo“ A Folk/Rock (Country Pop) song about nature. I'm sitting here watching the nature play ... I did this at a late summer day in Sydney park. It was a bright sunny day everything was dry as it hasn't rained for a few weeks and then a storm was coming up ... it was a game of nature I'll never forget. Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo is Aborigini Language and means as much as "North-East wind where are you going" The guitars were played by Didi Ebster of "Roadwork" the drums and percussion made by Oskar J. Dittmann and Alex Hebein. Recorded, mix and mastered at Sharine Records Studio / Austria by Alex Hebein and Oskar J. Dittmann Available on ITUNES: and AMAZON: and many more Webstores WEB: „Watching" - "Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo“ Ein Country Pop Song über die Natur. I'm sitting here watching the nature play ... , ein Tag den ich nie vergessen werde. Ich saß an einem Spätsommertag im Sydney Park, alles war sehr trocken da es schon Wochen nicht mehr geregnet hatte. Plötzlich kam ein Sturm auf, und ein fast unglaubliches Spiel der Natur begann. Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo ist in Aboriginal Sprache und heißt soviel wie "Nord-Ost wind wo gehst du hin" Die Gitarren wurden von Didi Ebster von "Roadwork" gespielt und die Drums und Percussion von Oskar J. Dittmann und Alex Hebein. Lyrics: Watching Goniemah Walloomeyenwalloo MUSIC AND WORDS BY Sharine O'Neill Goniemah Wallomeyenwallo Big ocean waves keep rollin´ in and break on a rocky shore. To spray it turns their foamy skin, haven´t seen this for ages anymore. And cool late summer winds, bring dark heavy clouds and rain. It sure´s the end of some hot weeks ´cause autumn´s starting off again. I´m sitting here on dried out grass watching our nature play, watching the clouds on their way, watching the turn of a summer day. All this dry and dusty dirt soakes in this heavy fallin´ rain. I can hear our thirsty earth drinking every drop in pain. The grass turns soft and green, rain ´s pouring down upon the sea patches of mist move in between, like rain I would love to be. I´m sitting here in heavy rain, watching our nature play, watching the clouds on their way, watching the turn of a summer day. Contact: EMail: